Fabric Details

Fabric Details SSG

Fabric Details Manufacturing by our Company

Cotton and Cotton Poly Solid Dyed Cotton and Cotton Poly Solid Dyed Lycra Cotton and Cotton Poly Yarn Dyed Cotton and Cotton Poly Yarn Dyed Lycra
Single Jersey Single Jersey Lycra Stripe Single Jersey Stripe Single Jersey Lycra
Plated Jersey Plated Jersey Lycra Stripe Plated Jersey Stripe Plated Jersey Lycra
Doby Jersey Doby Jersey Lycra Stripe Doby Jersey Stripe Doby Jersey Lycra
Pique Pique Lycra Stripe Pique Stripe Pique Lycra
Plated Pique Plated Pique Lycra Stripe Plated Pique Stripe Plated Pique Lycra
Honey Comb Pique Honey Comb Pique Lycra Stripe Honey Comb Pique Stripe Honey Comb Pique Lycra
Double Tuck Pique Double Tuck Pique Lycra Stripe Double Tuck Pique Stripe Double Tuck Pique Lycra
Popcon Fabric Popcon Fabric Lycra Stripe Popcon Fabric Stripe Popcon Fabric Lycra
Strurcture Fabric Strurcture Fabric Lycra Stripe or Structure Fabric Stripe or Structure Fabric Lycra
2Th French Terry 2Th French Terry Lycra Stripe French Terry Stripe French Terry Lycra
Plated Terry Plated Terry Lycra Stripe Plated Terry Stripe Plated Terry Lycra
Digonal Terry Digonal Terry Lycra Stripe Digobal Terry Stripe Digobal Terry Lycra
Hearing Bone Terry Hearing Bone Terry - No Lycra Stripe Hearing Bone Terry Stripe Hearing Bone Terry-No Lycra
Interlock Interlock Lycra Stripe Intelock Stripe Intelock Lycra
D.N. Interlock D.N. Interlock Lycra Stripe D.N. Interlock Stripe D.N. Interlock Lycra
Plated Interlock Plated Interlock Lycra Stripe Plated Interlock Stripe Plated Interlock Lycra
Double Face Double Face Lycra Stripe Double face Stripe Double face Lycra
Phoma Fabric Phoma Fabric Lycra Stripe Phoma fabric Stripe Phoma fabric Lycra
3Th Terry 3Th Terry Lycra Stripe 3Th Terry Stripe 3Th Terry Lycra
Fleece Fleece Lycra Stripe Fleece Stripe Fleece Lycra
Waffle Waffle Lycra Stripe Waffle Stripe Waffle Lycra
Jaiquired Fabric Jaiquired Fabric Lycra Yarn Dyed Jaiquired Yarn Dyed Jaiquired Lycra
Pointal Fabric Pointal Fabric-No Lycra Stipe Pointal Fabric Stipe Pointal Fabric - No Lycra
Rib 1x1 and 2x2 Rib 1x1 and 2x2 Lycra Stripe 1x1 and 2x2 Rib Stripe 1x1 and 2x2 Rib Lycra
D.N. RIB D.N. RIB Lycra Stripe D.N. Rib Stripe D.N. Rib Lycra
Vericated Rib Vericated Rib Lycra Stripe Vericated Rib Stripe Vericated Rib Lycra
Rice Knit Rice Knit Lycra Stripe Rice Knit Stripe Rice Knit Lycra
Flat Back Rib Flat Back Rib Lycra Stripe Flat Back Rib Stripe Flat Back Rib Lycra

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